The Association of Independent Methodists

Vital Christianity | Methodist Heritage | Local Autonomy

Our vision is to have five regions in the USA with five youth camps.  Each region will have retreats and training opportunities for pastors, laypeople and youth. 

We will invite other like-minded churches to join us in world evangelization, church planting and training workers for the harvest. 

We will redevelop some of our existing churches and lead them to become healthy. Over the last decade and a half, we have planted churches in Madison, Mississippi; Pearl, Mississippi; and Madison, Alabama.  Our present church plants will be training centers for church planters and for mothering other churches. 

We pray that God will use us to bring God's people to Christ each year and disciple them for His service.

Our Mission

    "Loving God from a pure heart and loving people by sharing the gospel"

Our Values

  • Worship of our Holy God
  • People - their salvation and heart purity
  • The Bible as the word of God
  • Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Marriage and Families
  • Youth
  • Church Planting
  • Our Nation and it's Leaders


Our Purpose Statement

    Leading people to salvation, worship and holiness, equipping people for service in his kingdom, spreading biblical holiness by planting multiple churches.  Encouraging churches, pastors, lay-people and youth to obey the great commandment   (Matthew 22:37) and the great commission (Matthew 28-18-20)

Our Theme

    "Free salvation for all people"
    "Full salvation from all sin"