The Association of Independent Methodists

Vital Christianity | Methodist Heritage | Local Autonomy

We are a network of independent congregations committed to Christ-centered, Bible-based Methodism, which recognizes and appreciates the local autonomy of its member churches.  


Our theological approach and expression is in keeping with our Wesleyan-Arminian tradition.


We seek to help the local church successfully fulfill the Great Commission and intentionally follow the Great Commandment.  As a voluntary network of like-minded independent Methodist congregations, AIM is doing together what cannot be done separately. 


Each of our member churches owns and controls its own property and calls its own pastors, for our goal is neither control nor uniformity but only unity in love.


Specifically, we join together to assist one another by [among other things]...

  • strengthening our congregations through fellowship opportunities and discipleship training,

  • developing leadership and providing support in outreach opportunities,

  • offering encouragement and counsel to leaders of the local church, and

  • helping in building and welcoming like-minded churches to join our mission.


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